Now That I Know Better is a personal collection of stories that reflect Malika Staar's personal journey to overcome what seemed to be a never-ending battle with rejection, low self-esteem, poor decision making and failed relationships, after failed relationships. The emotional pain and anger consumed her. The effect of these devastating blows caused all kinds of defeat and loss. Life brought loss, after loss. She lost her marriage, had to bury some dear loved ones, lost some jobs, cars and her home. What would have sent many to the grave or crazy house, only made her stronger. 

This book is thought-provoking, inspirational and motivational. Most of all, she shares with you the wisdom to help you overcome your struggles. There is freedom from the pain and shelter from the storms of life. After all, when you know better, you can definitely do better, have better and live better.

Deemed a MUST READ "biographic self-help" book for men and women alike.

She writes stories that uplift, encourage and motivate
A discovery to finding joy in the midst of the storm...

This book is life-changing...

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