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Welcome to the power of two marketing services, llc where we help you create the content that will get you the attention you want and deserve! your marketing material matters to us!

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press release, april 2021
Exciting news, everyone! Introducing MaliStaar Publishing! We developed this brand to help aspiring authors bring their stories and books to life. We have already released our first publications in May of 2021...with many more to come. 


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We have brought together 

the BEST, the BRIGHTEST, and the most BRILLIANT MINDS 


  We help individuals,aspiring entrepreneurs, and small business owners 

write the happy beginning and ending to their story. 

The Power of Two marketing services, llc 

We believe YOUR MESSAGE MATTERS and it is our goal to help you convey that message in such a captivating way, that your audience will to conduct business with YOU!

Whether it be a book, resume, bio, or social media content, we help you get your thoughts out your head and on to the pages of life!

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