More people are watching YouTube than watching regular TV these days. You do not have to wait for Hollywood to come knocking at your door to be a STAR!

At TP2 we show you how to:

  • Engage your audience
  • Allow you access to professional TV stations
  • Drive traffic to your YouTube Channel
  • Turn your Facebook Live videos into YouTube videos.

and so much more.

What We Do...We Make You Look Good!


Love it or hate it, Social Media is here to stay. 

It is the #1 form of advertising whether intentional or not, how you represent yourself on Social Media platforms, says a lot about you. Whether it is a true representation of you or not, it can make or break you.

At TP2 we help your develop winning Social Media strategies to help you:

  • Gain positive attention
  • Avoid pitfalls that can ruin a career or opportunity
  • Show you how to monetize off your pages
  • Connect you with the right followers
  • When is paying for advertising best for you

and so much more!

Nothing gives more credibility to your expertise than putting it into a published written document! Who is waiting for the BIG publishing houses to discover them any more. In fact, the publishing houses have now created subdivisions just to help the self-publishing gurus.  At TP2 we teach you How to Self-Publish Better. We offer classes in:

  • Writing techniques
  • What the publishing house don't want you to know
  • Why people really do judge a book by its cover
  • Why copy editing is so important 
  • Marketing strategies the win 

and so much me!


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